Weigh-In Final Phase One 7-31-2018

Hey, ya’ll!!! Well, like my post title says, it’s the end of phase one in my weight loss this year. I decided in December that I was going to change my ways and my weight in 2018. So starting January 1st, I began a new journey in my life. I had already been keeping a food journal but wasn’t very diligent about keeping my calories at a set level and was the biggest couch potato that there ever was, lol. I still don’t have the best diet in the world, but I have been more attentive to what I’m eating, especially in the calorie department. I started moving and in February I joined our local recreation center and started taking some senior exercise classes and senior yoga classes. I’ve kinda let those classes slip to the sidelines but I am walking—A LOT—and trying to stay active.

I hoped to achieve a weight of 150 by the end of July. My weight on January 1st was 188.2 pounds. And this morning I weighed in at—drum roll, please—

2018-7-31 Weight 1

7-31-2018 Weight

My weekly stats:

Monday 7-31-2018           152.2     -3.4 pounds        Total loss    36 pounds

Monday 7-23-2018           155.6     -0.2 pounds        Total loss    32.6 pounds

Monday 7-16-2018           155.8     -1.0 pounds        Total loss    32.4 pounds

Monday 7-9-2018             156.8     -0.6 pounds        Total loss     31.4 pounds

Monday 7-2-2018             157.4     -1.8 pounds        Total loss     30.8 pounds

Monday 6-25-2018           159.2     -1.6 pounds        Total loss     29 pounds

Monday 6-18-2018           160.8     -1.4 pounds        Total loss     27.4 pounds

Monday 6-11-2018           162.2     -0.6 pounds        Total loss      26 pounds

Monday 6-4-2018             162.8     -2.2 pounds        Total loss      25.4 pounds

Monday 5-28-2018           165.0     -2.0 pounds        Total loss      23.2 pounds

Monday 5-21-2018           167.0     -1.4 pounds        Total loss      21.2 pounds

Monday 5-14-2018           168.4     -0.6 pounds        Total loss      19.8 pounds

Monday 5-7-2018             169.0     -1.8 pounds        Total loss       19.2 pounds

Monday 4-30-2018           170.8     -1.2 pounds        Total loss       17.4 pounds

Monday 4-23-2018           172.0     +0.4 pounds       Total loss       16.2 pounds

Monday 4-16-2018           171.6     -1.6 pounds        Total loss       16.6 pounds

Monday 4-9-2018             173.2     -2.6 pounds        Total loss       15 pounds

Monday 4-2-2018             175.8     -1.2 pounds        Total loss       12.4 pounds

Monday 3-26-2018           177.0     +0.4 pounds       Total loss        11.2 pounds

Monday 3-19-2018           176.6     -2.4 pounds        Total loss        11.6 pounds

Monday 3-12-2018           179.0     -2.6 pounds        Total loss        9.2 pounds

Monday 3-5-2018             181.6     -0.6 pounds        Total loss        6.6 pounds

Monday 2-26-2018           182.2     +1.0 pounds       Total loss         6.0 pounds

Monday 2-19-2018           181.2     -2.2 pounds        Total loss        7.0 pounds

Monday 2-12-2018           183.4     No change          Total loss        4.8 pounds

Monday 2-5-2018             183.4     No change          Total loss        4.8 pounds

Monday 1-29-2018          183.4     -1.0 pounds        Total loss        4.8 pounds

Monday 1-22-2018          184.4     +0.8 pounds       Total loss        3.8 pounds

Monday 1-15-2018           183.6     -2.4 pounds        Total loss        4.6 pounds

Monday 1-8-2018            186.0     -2.2 pounds        Total loss        2.2 pounds

Monday 1-1-2018             188.2

Yep, that’s a 36-pound weight loss in 7 months. I am a little shy of my goal, but I’m thrilled with what I have done this year. And I must have been trying really hard this past week, lol. That’s the most I’ve lost in a week—3.4 pounds. Well, officially it was 8 days instead of a week.

It’s been a long, at times tough, road but I’m so proud of where I am right now. For those of you who haven’t been following my blog for very long, I deal with several mental issues and depression is one of those. And I’ve been very down several times this year, so sticking with this process has been a struggle at times. I’ve had to make myself go to the classes and the gym a lot of days. But as I saw the pounds coming off and seeing the changes in my body, I just kept at it. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but I’d made a commitment to myself to do this, for myself. And I just hung in there.

One of the biggest changes has shown up in my insulin usage. Before I began this I was taking a basal insulin with a dosage of 75 units a day and a fast-acting insulin on a sliding scale before meals. I haven’t used any fast-acting insulin since the end of February and my basal insulin dosage is down to 30 units a day. Diabetes isn’t something I’ll ever be done with, but seeing these changes is so encouraging. And the fewer shots I have to take, the better.

I have already talked about my second goal—to get to 130 by the end of the year. Thus, the phase one concept. And now it’s time to head into phase two. I’ll continue to keep up with my food journal and the exercising. As a matter of fact, I’m checking out some local gyms to see who can give me the most help with assembling a more rounded workout program than just the walking and the recumbent biking I’ve been doing. I know that strength training is important and I’d like to tone up a bit more. I’m just not really sure where to start with that just yet. So it’s time to reach out for some assistance and do a bit of research.

I’m glad to have ya’ll along with me for this journey. And I hope you’ll keep up with me for the continuation of striving to reach my goals. A special thanks to my sister, Barbara, for her support and encouragement along the way. I love you so very, berry muches Sissy.

If any of you are working on goals this year, I hope you’re hanging in there and making progress along with me. I found if you set your mind to do something, and want it badly enough, you can do it. A step at a time is all it takes. Those little changes add up to a win. Keep on keeping on.

Take care ya’ll, I’ll be back next week with a new update. Blessed be, hugs!!!




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I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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