A New Start 3/14/2016

Hiya all!!! If there is still anyone out there, I’m still alive and kickin’. It’s been over a year since I last posted, and a lot has gone on in my life since that time. Some good, some bad, just life going on, as it always does. I’m sorta starting over, with a new website. Yep, pamspretties57.com is alive. I’ve copied all my posts from here to there and hope to get back to regular posting on there very soon. I’ll be catching y’all up on what’s been going on with me over the next couple of weeks. This will be the last post I’ll put on here, but like you know, it’ll be here for the future. Come see me on the new site please. You’re very welcome there. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


About pamspretties57

I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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I'm always glad to hear from you, please feel free to leave a comment. Namaste

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