Busy week January 14, 2015

Hiya!!! Yep, it’s been a busy week so far, and tomorrow will be no exception. Monday morning was Therapy Day at Burke Quilter’s Guild,  and we were working on string blocks for patriotic/military quilts. I didn’t take anything with me, just went to help out where needed, So I ironed a lot of fabric, with a leaky, not-very-hot iron. But I enjoyed the morning and seeing the ladies. And collected a HUGE bag of scraps for Haiti toys. Barbara, we gotta discuss these soon. I wanted to go to the library’s movie Monday evening, but it was for middle and high school kids, so shoot. And it was an X-Men movie too. Double shoot. LOL!!!

Health Issues

Tuesday morning I woke up with—guess what—another UTI!!! I got ready and went on into Thrifts and Gifts, felt progressively worse and called the doctor’s office. I saw Burt around 4 and he prescribed Septra DS for 8 days. Also added the estrogen cream that I never did get OK’ed from Dr. Theo’s. I have called Dr. Theo’s office about the InterStim device, just waiting to hear back from them. They have to get in touch with the company’s rep and set everything up.

After I left the Burt’s office, I grabbed a bite to eat and went to the Morganton library. It was adult movie night, and I watched “Guardians of the Universe.” It’s a cute movie, would love to have the soundtrack. The good guys prevail and the bad dude gets blown away. Opps, sorry if you haven’t seen it before. It was a very light fare, but good overall. I meant to get up this morning and go to Needlework in the Morning at the Valdese branch of the library, but overslept. I’m finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings. Even when I get to bed by midnight, that 8 o’clock alarm seems to be too early. My body just seems to need that 10 sleep anymore. Oh well, gotta get up in the morning around 7, so I’ll be heading to bed soon.

Tomorrow is fasting labs at the doctor’s office at 9 AM. Then I’ll come back down to Thrifts and Gifts until 1 PM. I didn’t realize I had an eye exam until I got the reminder call on Tuesday. Good thing they did call. They didn’t give me an appointment reminder when it was set up, and I forgot to put it on my calendar at the time. Then back to Thrifts and Gifts until 5 PM, if I’m not at the eye doctor’s too late.

I discovered something new from a bloglovin post from a blog that I follow on there:

Welcome to Weekly Wishesa personal goal setting community started by The Nectar Collective where you can share your upcoming dreams and connect with other goal-setters. Join us and add a link to your own goal-oriented blog post! It’s a great way to make new friends from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your weekly aspirations.

I think I’m gonna link up with them, even though I’m a couple days behind. So my goals for this week, now through Sunday, are as follows:

1) Prepare Road to California block for Yahoo group Quilt_Makers_International. This is a learning/teaching group that I joined at the end of the year. Our first assignment is to prepare a 12″ block—Road to California—and send it to the group moderator. She will then get the blocks to an instructor to see where each person needs to make improvements. We’ll get group teachings as well as individual pointers. I’m looking forward to it.

2) Get the lace on 4 Haiti dresses.

3) Work on my medical binder.

That should keep me busy, after tomorrow, which will be busy enough. I’ve added the Weekly Wishes button to the right side of my blog, if you’d like to join in. May be a great way to meet some new friends.

That’s about it for tonight. I’m gonna read a few more emails, check my glucose, blood pressure, and heart rate, take my meds and Lantus, then off to bed. Have a great night all. Until nest time. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


About pamspretties57

I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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3 Responses to Busy week January 14, 2015

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  2. Astrid says:

    Best of luck on your goals. You seem extremely crafty and I can’t wait to see what you’ve made 🙂

    • Thanks Astrid!!! I picked out the fabric I wanted to use for my quilt block today, so there’s a start, lol. Will be working on that tomorrow. Did some crocheting today too, and didn’t even have that on my list. Will get some pics up soon. Thanks again, blessed be, hugs!!!

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