Final Christmas 2014 January 4, 2015

Hiya!!! Welcome back, or welcome in!!! And yes, I have noticed that my post yesterday says Christmas 2015. I’m already used to writing it, lol. We celebrated with Jamie and spouse at their house on Saturday, the 27th. It’s their first Christmas in the new house, and I think they really loved it. They even had a special ornament on the tree to commemorate it.

Xmas morning at Jamie's 005It is a key with 2014 on it!!!

Xmas morning at Jamie's 004

This is her lovely tree surrounded by gifts.

I rode down with Gwen (was running short on gas). We meant to head out around 9, but it ended up being around 11 or so before we got started that way. Wasn’t my fault this time, I was ready at 9!!! Gwen had some stops to make and just got a lil behind. Anyway, we got down there and Gwen got to cooking. She was making her famous ham and glaze, yummy!!! We also had green beans, corn, stuffing, sweet potatoes (half marshmallows, half without), baked beans, and two pies (Key Lime and chocolate) for dessert. OH MY, I was sooooooo stuffed. I think that was my biggest meal of the year. And everything was so delicious. Didn’t bother to take pics, just dug in with everyone else. Everyone included Jamie, DSIL, Gwen, Casey, Julien, Brittany, Frances, Dean, Casey’s dad and stepmom. We had a full house.

After all were stuffed, we opened presents.

Xmas morning at Jamie's 008 Xmas morning at Jamie's 009Jamie had one for Gwen to open first. Gwen is a huge UNC fan, and this hat just fit the moment.

Xmas morning at Jamie's 010Jamie is a fan”atic” of penguins. Here are a few of hers for the holiday on the room divider:

Xmas morning at Jamie's 003 Xmas morning at Jamie's 002

Xmas morning at Jamie's 012Julien and DSIL duly impressed with a gift, lol.

Xmas morning at Jamie's 013Jamie and Gwen had many little gifts for each other. They are sooo close to each other, in spite of their age differences (they are 12 years apart).

Xmas morning at Jamie's 014Xmas morning at Jamie's 001My beautiful girls, I love them soooooooo much!!!

Xmas morning at Jamie's 011

This is Tucker, one of my fur-grandbabies.

Xmas morning at Jamie's 006 Xmas morning at Jamie's 007

Abby, is harder to see, but she’s visiting with Brittany in the upper pic. Miss Daisy Mae was in her crate. She has a sore back and couldn’t be jumping around. They also have a new furbaby, Saber, a rescued Shepherd. He is so beautiful (they all are), but he is still shy and hid out most of the night in his kennel upstairs.

I have such wonderful memories that were made this past Christmas. I love my family so much and just love spending time with them.

Sports Blitz

Well, the Panthers are moving on in the playoffs YAAAAAA HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! The laid a beating on the Arizona Cardinals yesterday, finishing with a 27 to 16 final score. It really was a more one-sided game than the score suggests. The Panthers only allowed 78 offensive yards for the Cardinals, a new record low for playoff games. The defense played an awesome game, and the offense wasn’t too slack either. But for a few mistakes and penalties, the score would have been much more one-sided. The Panthers travel next weekend to Seattle to take on the Seahawks at home. That should be an interesting game. Just hope my cats are ready for some bird-pie.

The Detroit Lions didn’t fare so well. They led the game until the fourth quarter, when the Dallas Cowboys came from behind to score a touchdown and a field goal to beat the Lions 24 to 20. The game stats were very even, Dallas with 19 first downs and 397 yards, and the Lions getting 17 first downs and a total of 315 yards. They just couldn’t pull it out at the end. So we’ll start again next year. That’s the beauty of so many things—they continue perpetually.

Fabric and String

I haven’t done anything with the dresses yet, gonna start on that tomorrow. Been playing catch-up on my emails.

I thought I was ready to measure Julien’s blanket strips, but found the last one I completed had a problem, so had to frog the last section and redo it. I have one more strip to do, and then can do the measurements. It’s a narrower strip, so if I can put some time into it, maybe in a week or two will be checking it out to put together. Hopefully!!! I am going to write up my directions this week and get them on here too. It’s just a modified shell stitch done in double crochet, with single crochet black strips between the colors. Will get some pics ready too.

That about does it for me tonight. I said I’d get my goals put on here this weekend, but didn’t plan on not posting Friday night. So that’ll be one day this week too. Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. And just remember, it’s just Monday, just another day. Don’t fuss so much, lol. Take care, talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


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I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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