More Christmas 2015 January 3, 2015

Hiya all!!! Yeah, I missed yesterday, and you know what, I’m not going to worry about it. It was a long, busy day and I was tired. So there. I’m back today and that’s what counts. Yesterday was my monthly pay day, so I had errands to run, including an appointment with my psychiatric PA, taking Misty to the vets for an overdue vaccination, and an oil change for NBC. Also met Dean at Las Salsas for fajitas and a talk to celebrate his birthday (it was on Wednesday, he was a New Year’s Eve baby). Then a little shopping that had to be done, so it was a long day.

So on with Christmas 2014. After I left Frances’ and Gwen and the family, I went up to Barbara’s. Chris and Becky were there too, and that was great. I love seeing my niece and nephew. Becky works all the time and Chris lives in South Carolina, so I don’t see them nearly enough. Ready for a few pics???

Xmas morning at Barbara's 001Xmas morning at Barbara's 002

This is my beautiful sister, Barbara, and her very gorgeous Christmas tree. Yes, those big bags surrounding the tree are what she calls “stockings”, and they are cram-packed with goodies. I have received one for the past two Christmases and it has been all I could do to carry them home. She combines lovely little gifts as well as useful things like body wash and lotions, shampoos and toothpaste. She wraps every item individually so there’s a lot to open. It’s tons of fun!!!

She and Sput “adopted” a family from their church a few years ago. There’s Nichole, a lovely gal who has a precious, darling little girl named Rhylin. She also takes care of her niece, Cloe, who is a wonderful young lady and a great cheerleader at her school. Nichole’s mom, Tammy, has had a couple of rough years. She had to have both legs partially amputated and has had a hard time. Barbara and Sput have done all they can to help this fantastic family out every way that you can imagine. These are their “girls” and are family now. Nichole is a CNA who works the evening shift and Barbara and Sput have kept Rhylin since she was born while Mom works. They have become “Nanny” and “Poppy” to her and Cloe. (And that makes me Aunt Pam to some wonderful people that I love too.)

Xmas morning at Barbara's 003

Rhylin’s Santa gift.

At first, Rhylin didn’t want to ride it. She wanted Mama and Nanny and Cloe to ride it, but eventually tried it out. She’s just learning to pedal, but I’m sure she’ll be a pro by spring.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 006

This is Miss Rhylin with her new teddy bear that was sitting in the top of her stocking.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 005

Cloe and Rhylin. Cloe didn’t feel too well that day—a very sore throat and she could barely talk. She got doctored on by Nanny.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 008 Xmas morning at Barbara's 009 Xmas morning at Barbara's 012 Xmas morning at Barbara's 014

Rhylin working on her stocking. It’s that big pink “Hello Kitty” bag behind her. She got a little tractor, a new umbrella, and a camera that were the hits of the day.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 007 Xmas morning at Barbara's 013 Xmas morning at Barbara's 019

Cloe had a big stocking to work on too. She got some great new clothes, a new computer, and lot of goodies. Oh, Rhylin got a new little computer too.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 015

Sorry about the light on this on, that’s Nichole, Barbara and Rhylin in the middle of stockings.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 016

My wonderful niece Becky. She was Barbara’s camera person while all the unwrapping was taking place.

Xmas morning at Barbara's 017

Nephew “Santa” Chris and Sput in the background.

We had a great time, in spite of Cloe not feeling good and Rhylin being tired. Barbara had fixed a pot of soup and Sput fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for all. I spent several hours up there in the joy and love of the season, with people that I care about more than they will ever know. Love you guys!!!

Went home after that and watched A Christmas Carol that evening. A very, very good Christmas day for me. But wait!!! Christmas wasn’t over for me—Saturday was spent at Jamie and DSIL’s. Will post more about that tomorrow. Take care all, hope each of you had as good a Christmas day as I did. Talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


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