2015—A New Start January 1, 2015

Hiya all!!! Yep, I got lazy (and a bit undone) over the end of December. I’ve been really busy with the holidays and preparation, but it’s time for a new start—A New Year—2015. I’ll do a little catch-up first, then get to the new stuff.

Fabric and String

I DID get all the Christmas presents done, in fact, I was through sewing at 2 PM on Christmas Eve. If you know me at all, you know that’s unusual. I’m usually up all night Christmas Eve (or even still working on doing and wrapping on Christmas morning) finishing up all the preparations. I actually slept Christmas Eve, and did watch The Nutcracker before retiring for the evening. I didn’t take pics as I was sewing the placemats and napkins, but got a couple of the sets pics after they were presented. The first two pictures are of Julien and Brittany’s set. Their favorite holiday is Halloween, and they confided to me that their home’s theme will be a bit Halloween-y when they get their own place, so they were thrilled with the set.

Placemat Pics Christmas 2014 001 Placemat Pics Christmas 2014 002Skeletons and black stars on orange

This next set was for Gwen and Casey. Gwen always had sunflowers in her kitchen UNTIL they moved into their first place back in North Carolina. At the time, they needed new kitchen stuff, basically everything. And Casey and Julien picked out red cookware, so there went Gwen’s sunflower theme. I found the pattern that had yellow flowers and red geometrics, so it kinda fit for all the situations. The reverse side is more red, so she can choose which one she wants at any given time.

Placemat Pics Christmas 2014 003 Placemat Pics Christmas 2014 004I’ll try to get some more pics of some of the others later on, but everyone seemed to like them, which was a relief for me.

I also did two sets of pillowcases, one for Nick and one for Cloe, Barbara and Sput’s “adopted” daughter (granddaughter). My camera battery died while I was up at Barbara’s Christmas day, so I didn’t get a pic of Cloe’s, but she is a cheerleader and her main fabric was cheer fabric with hot pink and lime trim and header. Nick’s was a navy chevron body with cream and navy trim and header. I didn’t manage to get a pic of them either. But did get a pic of him before presents were handed out.

Xmas morning at Frances' 001Typical view of a teenage boy—on his phone, lol!!!

I also managed to get another panel of Julien’s blanket crocheted. I think I’ll get the panels in order and take them up to Frances’ one day next week to see how the size is coming along. Julien and Brittany are living with Frances right now while getting their careers started and helping out Mawmaw by being there for her and making sure she is safe. I’m so proud of them, they’re doing well. Julien is anticipating getting into the management end of the PetSmart store here in Morganton, or possible Asheville. And Brittany is starting full-time at a local veterinary clinic where she has been working part-time lately. They are both huge animal lovers and are very knowledgeable about many kinds of animals and pets. As a matter of fact, their bearded dragon was gifted a Christmas hat and I got pictures, lol.

Xmas morning at Frances' 044 Xmas morning at Frances' 045He didn’t appear too happy, but was so cute!!! I didn’t find out until that day that their ball python had died. Vivic was so beautiful and I’m sure they’ll have others once they get a place of their own. And once again I’ve strayed off the subject of Fabric and String, lol. I’ll be starting on pillowcase dresses again this afternoon. Barbara and Sput are in Haiti right now and will be going back in February. I only had four dresses for them to take this time. Gotta get more done before the next trip.

Health Issues

I went to the doctor’s office on December 17th for another urinalysis. This time it was clear and the culture didn’t turn up anything this time either, so maybe the UTIs are done for a while. I have started taking a cranberry supplement, and I hope that will aid in keeping them at bay. The office had some lovely Christmas decorations and is always decorated with quilts on the walls. I got to take a few pics and got very dizzy while I was doing that. Had quite a few folks around me until it passed. But my blood pressure was ok, and it passed as it usually does. Here are the pics:

 Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 001 Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 002 Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 003A lovely wood pallet tree that was made by joining two pallets and “constructing” the tree from ribbon, garland, and lights.

Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 004A simple basket filled with pinecones and lights, topped with a ribbon bow.

Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 005 Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 006 Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 007One of the more colorful, modern quilts on display. You can’t really tell by my close-up, but the circular blocks are all quilted with concentric circles. The four squares have lovely floral quilting in variegated thread. Simply lovely!!!


Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 009This beauty was on a wall at a stairway landing. It was a very big quilt. That snowman was stunning. This is where I had my dizzy spell and only got a partial pic of the rail quilt below.


Burke Primary Care Xmas dec and quilts 008There are other quilts throughout the hallways of the office, and they are all wonderfully made and quilted. I really enjoy seeing them every time I have to go to the doctor’s office.

I did have another episode like the one in November, where I didn’t sleep well, woke up feeling extremely fatigued, clammy skin, just generally very yucky. I wasn’t going to call the doctor’s office, but Barbara said it would be better to have the history charted if this is something that may get more serious. Burt listened to me, checked my heart (no EKG this time) and had blood drawn for an array of lab tests. I still haven’t heard anything about it, but do need to call the office tomorrow and will ask then. This happened on December 19th, exactly four weeks after the first episode, two days after the dizzy spell while at the office. Burt said he was puzzled, so I don’t know just what is going on—my heart or what. Will keep everyone posted as I know more. Hopefully it will pass with no more incidents.

Still on my health, I have decided to try the InterStim device that I spoke of in this post. I will be calling Dr. Theo’s office next week to see about dates and if I will have to have someone drive me or not. I’ll keep you informed as to when and how that goes. The device will be tried out externally before implantation to see if it will offer any help. The electrode is placed in the bladder and the device is taped onto the back for about 4 or 5 days to test it. If the test is successful, the device is implanted near the top of the buttock. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more about it in the near future.

Sports Blitz

Well, both of my teams—the Carolina Panthers and the Detroit Lions—are in the playoffs. YAAAAY!!! Now my only problem is seeing the games. I’d been watching them on the computer at WIZIWIG.com, but they’ve quit broadcasting because of the EU VAT beginning. That is a tax that is being placed on digital downloads in 28 European countries. So, I’m going to have to search and see if I can find the games streamed from another source. I really hate this tax. It has caused many crafters to eliminate patterns or close Craftsy or Etsy stores to avoid having to calculate the taxes for so many different countries when customers download patterns or other digital formatted items. Hopefully software will be produced to calculate the taxes for such sales and these artisans will be able to continue to offer their goods to all. Anyway, back to the games. Both teams have played better for the last few games of the season, so hopefully they will keep up the good work and go far in the playoffs. I’m not looking forward to the two teams meeting again, once a season is enough anguish for me, lol. But best of luck to the players of both teams.

Christmas 2014

I had three celebrations on two different days with the family. The first was Christmas morning at Frances’ house with Frances, Gwen, Casey, Nick, Julien, Brittany, and Dean. We had to do it early because Nick had to leave early to go to Gastonia. Here are a few pics with who is who, lol.

Xmas morning at Frances' 002

Julien with his stocking

Xmas morning at Frances' 003

Brittany, Nick, and Frances opening stockings too

Xmas morning at Frances' 006

Casey, looking skeptical, lol

Xmas morning at Frances' 007

Dean and Gwen

Xmas morning at Frances' 019

Dean and Casey opening their matching rifle toilet plungers

And the plungers sound like a gun when you use them, lolololol

Xmas morning at Frances' 023

Gwen and Brittany had to open their gifts from Julien at the same time, they each got a necklace from him

Xmas morning at Frances' 027

He scored!!!

Xmas morning at Frances' 029

Gwen with tears of joy at the gifts

Xmas morning at Frances' 031

And a surprise from Casey—LeVian hoop earrings for her

Xmas morning at Frances' 033

The grandsons with their masks—they are big into many different things—gaming, paintball, and the supernatural

Xmas morning at Frances' 040

Julien’s gift from Nick—a beautiful watch and chain

Xmas morning at Frances' 041 Xmas morning at Frances' 042

Gwen with a new sparkly sweater from Mawmaw

I’ll show you pics from Barbara’s and Jamie’s in the next day or so. This has been a long post catching up. I’ll do a post on the weekend about my goals and hopes for the new year too. Somethings to look forward to. Take care all, hope everyone had a joyous, wonderful, fabulous holiday season. Talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


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I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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