BIRTHDAY!!! November 30, 2014

Hiya all!!! It’s been a great day (except for the Panthers). I had a wonderful dinner with the family to celebrate Julien’s 21st birthday today. We went to Chili’s in Hickory and had a fantastic time. Got a few pics to share. First the birthday boy—

Julien Birthday 11-30-2014 002

Isn’t he handsome??? And his lady love, Brittany—

Julien Birthday 11-30-2014 001

She is as sweet as she is beautiful. And the couple—

Julien Birthday 11-30-2014 003

They are so very special to me. And next, my baby girl, Jamie—

Julien Birthday 11-30-2014 004

And both my girls, Gwen and Jamie—

Julien Birthday 11-30-2014 006

They are truly the lights of my life. That camera of mine—didn’t know the date changed itself again, grrrrrr. I’ll fix it again tomorrow.

We had a great time, good friends, good food, and memories made.

Sports Blitz

Well, the Panthers lost again—that’s seven in a row. I was so hoping the week off would help them out. The Vikings got two touchdowns in the first quarter by blocking punts and returning the muffed kicks for points. The Panthers only scored one touchdown and a pair of field goals. The final score was 13 – 31. I don’t see much hope for this season, but the whole division is doing so poorly that they still have a chance to win the division. We’ll see, and keep cheering them on.

Fabric and String

I didn’t do anything in the sewing room today, but did a bit of crocheting this morning. Still working on Julien’s blanket. It’s coming along. I think I will have enough to take and see how it’s fitting on his bed after this panel is done. I think it’s going to turn out beautifully, if I do say so myself, lol. Will be sure to get pics of the panels when I try them on for size.

Well, tomorrow is another Monday, and I’m ready for it. Gotta run by the doctor’s office in the morning. Then will take some recyclables off and check some prices at JoAnn’s and WalMart. Then home to do some sewing—gotta get busy on those Christmas presents. Tomorrow is December first. YIKES!!! The big day will be here before we know it. Hope you’re all getting ready. Have a great night all, sweet dreams. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam


About pamspretties57

I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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2 Responses to BIRTHDAY!!! November 30, 2014

  1. Hiya sweetie!!! I’m glad I was there last night, and all those years too. Loves ya whole big bunches!!! Hugsssss!!!

  2. gwen says:

    Love you mommy, I am so glad you came tonight. Thanks for being there 21 years ago..and all the years in between… Your an awesome mom and grandma

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