Up and Down

Hiya!!! Well, it’s been a topsy-turvy kind of day. It started out ok—I got up, did my vitals, took my meds, showered, and left the apartment. Went by the post office—my rulers and batting came, YAY!!!—and went to my therapy session. It was a good session. We reset my goals for the year and did a little talking, nothing major, but it was good. I went back out to the car, and the disaster hit. The car kept trying to turn over, and when it did, there was the most awful chattering that you ever heard, then it quit. GREAT, GRRRRRRR!!! I called my knight and he came to check it out. We went to his place and he got some tools. Back to the parking lot and he took the head cover off. There didn’t seem to be anything broken, and we were afraid that it might actually be a problem lower in the engine. He started to take me home so he could go up to his dad’s and get the trailer to load it up. We stopped by to see some friends who run a machine shop, and are engine experts. They said it sounded like a fairly common problem for the engine that’s in my car—a valve seat has probably dropped onto the piston. Hopefully the piston walls haven’t been damaged; if so, that means a rebuild. He thinks they have a head at his dad’s and that might work on mine. He won’t really know until he gets it torn down. Sigh, poor knight, he does so much for me, and I have no way to repay him, except to tell him “Thank you”. He said that he wished I had a husband. Oh well, that just isn’t in the cards. And this week was the one that I had/have doctor / dental appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can cancel the Wednesday appointment. What it was for isn’t relevant at this time. I’ve already talked to DD1 and she’s going to take me on Tuesday. And I think that DGS1 can help me out on Thursday to get me to the dentist. Had a class lined up for Thursday night, but that I can miss. And next week is free, just so long as I don’t go stir crazy stuck here in the apartment for that long. Luckily, I can get to work on the quilts now, so that’ll help.

On to better things. Our Grandma Moses and Mama gave DS and I the gift of green thumbs (although I haven’t been using mine for quite some time now). The other week when I was up at DS’s, we went out to look at her flowers blooming. They are gorgeous!!!





And they have a good size garden. Now if the rain would just ease up a bit, maybe it could get growing. We had between three to five inches of rain yesterday, in about three hours time. And more heavy downpours this afternoon. Oh well, Mother Nature will preside I suppose. The past few summers, it’s been drought weather. Seems like it’s feast or famine.

Well, that’s how my day has been and how my week has started out. Hopefully it will get better as the week unfolds. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!


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I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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One Response to Up and Down

  1. Barbara says:

    Yeah it has been one of those Mondays!! I had to go to Rutherfordton and there was water standing everywhere. You know how I feel about standing water on the roads!! They had a family of copperheads living outside the office. There were three little ones that we saw. They had nothing to kill them with either. I could have took care of them just not any rats!!
    The garden is growing…what hasn’t washed away. Would be nice to dry up so we can replant!! Its standing in water now. Oh well, can’t change the weather.
    Hope your car isn’t anything major and Deano can fix it soon but at least you can work on the quilts.
    I love you!!! Strawberry and blackberry much!!!!

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