Wonderful Week

Hiya all!!!  I have had the most wonderful week so far, and it’s only Wednesday!!!

Monday, after I woke up, I found that Dean had called. I called him back, and he asked if I’d like to go see “Star Trek—Into Darkness”. The thing you have to realize is that Dean and I have never missed a Star Trek movie in the theaters since they began. And it wasn’t going to happen with this one either. I told him that there was a matinee at 3:40. He was surprised that I knew what time it was playing (I had checked online the day before, hehe). He normally works until 4:00. He said he could get off a little after 3:00, and I told him I’d meet him there. It’s a GREAT movie. The younger versions of the cast are so well cast, they are so convincing that they are just younger, so it makes the movies so authentic.

I am a huge sci-fi fan, and always have been. I love Star Trek (all of them), Dr. Who (I remember watching the original series on PBS when DD1 was just a little girl), and Stargate (again, all of them). The supernatural and paranormal have always fascinated me—just think of all that might be possible!!!

Last night, I was one proud Grandma. DGS1 had his graduation ceremony for achieving his high school equivalency. He had 9 family members in attendance to celebrate with him, and I think he did very well. He graduated with honors, not surprising to me, he is an amazing young man. He’s in his third semester at the local community college, and doing very well. I only wish DGS2 could have been there too, that would have been so special. And DD2 and hubby couldn’t make it either, due to work. 😦 But it was a good evening.

ImageProud Mama congratulating her son.

ImageMom, Dad, Poppy, Grandma, and MawMaw with the Honor Graduate.

ImageGreat-Aunt and Uncle, smiling and looking good.

ImageDD1 and niece, cousins and great friends.

It was a truly wonderful evening!!!

I had signed up for a business class for Thursday evening, but got an email this morning that the class has been cancelled, so I’m free until Friday, when I’ll head to the post office to check on mail, and hopefully get some quilting rulers, so that I can finally start sewing on the baby quilts for DD1. The quarter inch foot that I ordered for my machine isn’t working—the feed dogs are too wide for the foot, and the fabric won’t feed through the machine :o. So I’ve got to mark new seam lines on the squares to get an accurate seam allowance. Geez, the things I do for my daughters lol. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Closing for now, hopefully will have some new quilting pics to post by the weekend. Everyone take care, blessed be, hugs!!!


About pamspretties57

I'm a mama, a grandma, an ex-wife, and a creator. I love my family, animals, and my stuff. Not that I'm materialistic, I just have a lot of stuff. My daughter says I'm an organized hoarder lol. I am physically and mentally challenged. I am a diabetic, have heart problems, and am bipolar (depressive side). So my posts may sporadic at times, just bear with me. I'll do my best.
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2 Responses to Wonderful Week

  1. Gwen says:

    Lady you need to take that 1st pic off, man my butt looks HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Barbara says:

    I’m glad we could go last night. So proud of him. Love you berry berry much!!!

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