A Snowy Welcome 1-18-2018

Hey, ya’ll!!! Yep, we got some snow, again. Back to that in a moment. First I want to welcome my new readers. I’ve gotten some interest in my blog since I started the weekly weigh-in posts. I thank you for your interest. My posts tend to be here and there in content. I started the blog to help promote my jewelry making and my interest in quilting. I haven’t made any jewelry in quite a while, but still sew and have actually made two quilts. I am diabetic, have bipolar type 1 disorder, and have heart issues so there will be some addressing of those issues from time to time as well. Like I said, here and there. Anyhoo, welcome to my little neck of the woods.

Yeah, it snowed yesterday and it has been cold again. We sometimes get a bit of cold here in North Carolina, but this year so far has been a bit overboard. Days not above freezing are rare here, but we’ve had our share this winter. And we’re under a winter advisory tonight since it’s supposed to get back down in the teens again. So all that snow that melted today will be ice in the morning. Well at least it’s supposed to warm up tomorrow and this weekend so the yucky stuff should be gone soon. I love when it snows but after a day or so, I’m ready for it to be gone. Wanna see a few pics??? Here’s what it looked like out my windows yesterday, the snow day.

And here’s what it looked like this morning.

The same shots but with the sun shining and the temps even got to the mid 40’s today. Like so many places say, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute and it’ll change.”

I worked in the sewing room a couple of times today, but only for a little bit at a time. My tummy didn’t feel too good today and I laid down a couple of times too. I feel a bit better this evening, so that’s good. Don’t want to get sick here.

Here’s hoping you all are safe and warm (or cool if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). I’ll be in touch soon. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!

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Weekly Weigh-In and a couple of other things 1-15-2018

Hey all!!! Did ya’ll have a good weekend??? Mine was ok, that’s the best I can do since I work every weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have my job and for the most part, I enjoy it. It’s easy and (mostly) I love the people I work with. So it’s more good than not. Anyhoo, let’s do this weight thing, ok??? I am so happy with myself. Here’s the lowdown:

Monday 1-15-2018           183.6     -2.4 pounds        Total loss             4.6 pounds

Monday 1-8-2018            186.0     -2.2 pounds

Monday 1-1-2018             188.2

WooHoo!!! I know this is the start and it’s gonna be a long haul to do this and keep the weight off, but this is so motivating right now to see these numbers.

One thing that I haven’t done recently is to have a pizza. For a long time, I’ve splurged on a pizza once a week on a weekend night. Yep, a whole pizza (though usually a small or medium thin crust). And I plan to have one for Super Bowl Sunday night, but I’ve not had one since sometime in December (not sure when my last weekend to have one was). I still treat myself to a sweet treat every day or so, but not multiple times a day. Barbara often makes Chex Mix for us for Christmas and this past holiday was no different. A BIG bucket of deliciousness came home with me Christmas Day. In years past, that bucket would have been gone in a week (or less). This year, three weeks after Christmas, I still have about half of that bucket left. I have a set of kitchen scales and I USE THEM ALL THE TIME. It amazes me just how much food I was eating without thinking about it. I’m still eating what I want, just not as much of it (by a long shot). And it’s showing. I can tell my pants are already looser than they were just a few months ago. And it feels good.

On to other things.

Barbara, what do you think about this fabric??? Would it do for a scrub top for you???

Blue print fabric

It’s a blue floral print on a navy background. It looks better in real life than the pic. I thought of you when I was folding it since you need something with navy or gray. I’m pretty sure I have enough for a top or possibly two. Let me know what you think and I’ll bring it up next time I visit.

I’m still sorting and folding fabric. I’ve gone through the stacks that were on my ironing board and have started on the last big shelf of stacks. I even worked on it yesterday morning before I went to work.

In 2016, from March 25th to December 31st, I read 95 short stories and books. In 2017, for the full year, I read 94 books. I read a lot of James Patterson last year—20 of his books in 2017 and 34 in 2016—WOW. I didn’t realize I had read that many of his books. This year I’m working on Kindle downloads. I have a ton of fantasy and romance books that I’ve downloaded that I need to read instead of just letting them sit in my computer. I’ve already read 4, so it’s a good start. I usually aim for at least 50 books per year, which has always been an easy goal for me, so I don’t anticipate any problems this year hitting that mark. Do you read??? Who are some of your favorite authors???

That’s about it for tonight. I hope everyone has a good and safe week ahead. I’ll probably check in later in the week (unless something exciting happens around here before then). Take care all, blessed be, hugs!!!

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Fabric organizing and other odds and ends 1-10-2018

Good evening all!!! (Or morning, depending on where you are.) Either way, welcome to my little corner of the world. It’s getting late here but I wanted to put in a short update on the fabric organization. I do this mostly for myself to keep track of how I’m doing, but love when you follow along with me.

These are some of my shelves on Tuesday morning:

2018-1-9 Shelf 2 Right

Right shelf #2 with Christmas fabrics 1-9-18

2018-1-9 Shelf 3 Right

Right shelf #3 Halloween fabric, panels, and batting


2018-1-9 Shelf 4 Right

Right shelf #4 misc fabrics

These three shelves are what I’ve been working on most recently. I got all of my Christmas fabrics folded and then worked on shelf #3. I got the Halloween fabrics folded and moved the batting to a lower shelf, so that shelf is almost empty. I also had two stacks of fabric on my ironing board that I have started folding, which are being stacked on my work table at the moment. I also folded two cuts of St. Patrick’s Day fabric. So shelf #2 now looks like this:

2018-1-10 Shelf 2 Right

Right shelf #2 1-10-18 with holiday fabrics

I didn’t have time to work in there today, but I’ll be back to it tomorrow. So it’s coming together, slowly but surely.

Wanna see something pretty??? I was out late Sunday evening while it was still frigid around here. I stopped by one of my favorite places in my little town and got this pic.

1-7-2018 Waldensian Fountain

1-7-2018 Waldensian Fountain

Yep, it was frozen solid. It probably has been for the past two weeks, I just haven’t been by there during the cold snap. It’s a rather large fountain for the size of my little town, probably 10 to 12 feet tall. I just love it.

Today I had my cardiology visit and met my new doctor. He seems to be an ok guy. He wants to check my blood pressure monitor before we even think about changing or adding any meds. That sounds like a good idea to me.

After I left the doctor’s office I went to take the crochet throw to Frances. She had given me some yarn that she had started to make a throw with years ago. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find that specific yarn now and I didn’t know what size hook she had used or even what stitch she was using, so I frogged what she had done and started over. It was a variegated yarn and I found some solid yarns close in color to the original colors. I did a simple double crochet with all the yarn she had given me, then made large stripes with the coordinating colors. I took a quick picture of the throw on her chair. She seemed very pleased with it, so that’s all that matters.

2018-1-10 Frances' Throw

Frances’ throw 1-10-18

I love how it pooled in the variegated part. She said she is going to give it to Julien, since that was what she originally planned to do with it when she was making it. I’m still working on the bed blanket for Julien that he asked me to make for him, so he’s going to have two new cuddlies to snuggle under.

On an entirely different note, I’ve been burning a new Yankee Candle scent. It smells scrumptious. And I mean that literally. It’s called Chocolate Cake and it smells like a rich, luscious brownie baking. What was I thinking??? Here I am trying to cut back on the sweets and now I’m burning a candle that makes me hungry! Oh well, it’s divine and I just love my Yankee Candle items. I use their candles and especially love their Scenterpiece® Easy MeltCup System. I’ve been using it for a few months now and just love how easy it is to use and how great it smells. It’s a wax melt system that allows you to use the melts without having to deal with cleaning out the wax from the melter. The wax is in plastic cups and you just change the cups to change the scent and you can use the cups over and over. I’ve had a cup’s scent still be strong after about two weeks of almost daily use. No, I’m not an ambassador for Yankee Candle, I just love their products. I also have their reed diffusers in the kitchen and my bedroom. I think my favorite scent is their Coconut Beach. They always seem to have great sales going on, so if you like to keep your home smelling nice, go check them out.

Well, I’ve dragged this out long enough for tonight. I hope everyone has thawed out sufficiently, just remember that winter has only started, so don’t get too discouraged if you’re wanting warmer weather. It’ll get here in its own good time and in six months or so we’ll be complaining about the heat (at least I will be). Take care all, be safe, blessed be, hugs!!!

P.S. I got through a box of papers from the bedroom yesterday too, so that makes me happy. If I do decide to move in with my dad, I’m going to have to get through a lot of stuff around here. And I need to get through it anyway, whether I move or not. TTFN

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Weekly Weigh-In 1-8-2018

Hiya all!!! Well, it’s time for our weekly weigh-in. How did you do??? I did ok, a little loss on my part. I’m going to keep a running list on here to show how I’m doing. So, without any further ado, this week’s weight:

Monday 1-8-2018          186.0 pounds                                                                                    Monday 1-1-2018           188.2 pounds

2.2 pounds lost. I can live with that. As long as it doesn’t go the other way (and I know it will from time to time) all the time, I’m happy with the effort.

I don’t think I can add a linky party yet. I only have a free account with WordPress and I can’t see how to add any plugins. So we’ll have to wait on that. Just leave a comment if you’d like so we can track how everyone is doing.

I’m still working on the diet, and by “diet” I mean what I eat, not a specific way of eating. I bought some apples, bananas, and salad fixings. I ate an apple and a banana with lunch today, so I feel good about that. I think I’ll fix a salad for supper too. So that’d be three or four servings of fruits and vegetables. YAY!!! I’ll conquer this thing yet, lol. I have to admit, I still have some candy and cookies here left over from Christmas, and while I’m eating these things, I measure what I eat now, unlike I’ve done in the past. You know, when you sit down and eat half a bag of cookies or most of the bag of candy. You know you’ve been there too. (Please tell me I’m not the only one).

As far as other health issues, I’ve got ups and downs. My glucose readings are in good shape. I’ve had only one BG reading over 200 in the past 3 months. I would estimate that 80% of my readings range between 75 and 150. With an A1c of 5.4, I’m doing well. My blood pressure isn’t doing so well. It tends to run an average of 150/65. (I don’t know why but my systolic has always run much higher than the diastolic. Just my makeup I guess.) But I’ll be seeing my new cardiologist on Wednesday and we’ll see then what he suggests. My last cardiologist lowered the dosage of one of my blood pressure meds, so that may increase again. BTW, I don’t like to change doctors, but my previous doctor quit the practice where I’m seen for my cardiac care, so I had to get a new doctor. This will be my first time to meet him, so we’ll see how that goes. Wish me luck, OK???

Please join in and let’s fight the scale enemy together. Leave any hints and what you’re doing to get to your goals. Take care all, blessed be, hugs!!!

P.S. Go check out Garfield today. I can sooooo relate to him, haha!!!

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What to do, what to do 1-7-2018

Hiya all!!! Is everyone ready for the warm-up this week??? I don’t know about you all but I’ll be glad to see a bit of moderation in the temps. And I’m a cold weather gal myself, so that’s saying something. I do keep my winter thermostat set at 63° and that’s usually warm enough for me. I try to keep a sweater or pj’s on Misty (she loves to be dressed), but there’s no way I’ll get Rio into anything. He’s such an independent little thing (head-strong is more like it). An older picture, but you can see how he is his own pup.My Rio boy relaxing on the bed


I’ve been debating something. My dad has asked me to move in with him. He’s 87 and says he wants someone there in case he should fall or something else should happen. He has asked me for the past two Christmases (that’s usually the only time I see him). I would really like to get out of where I live now, and it would probably help me with my finances (which are always a problem with me being on disability and can only work a few hours a week), but I don’t really like him very much and do like my independence. I would have to get rid of or store a lot of stuff (the getting rid of might not be such a bad thing), but I’m so used to having things available if I take a notion to do something like crochet or sew something new. There are other aspects of the decision which I won’t get into here, so what to do, what to do??? I’ve made a list of questions and concerns but where do I go from here??? I’m just so confused and need some direction. Anyone have any suggestions???

Would you like to see a picture of Misty too??? I love my furbabies so much. Here she is:


Well, since I’m writing this at work (told you I had a very easy job) I’ll close for today. Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!!

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