Guild Christmas Luncheon Day December 15, 2014

Hiya all!!! What a wonderful day I have had today. I have mentioned before that I am a member of the Burke Quilter’s Guild, a wonderful group of ladies who love to quilt and craft. Since this is my first year as a member, this was my first Christmas luncheon. It was so much fun. I’d missed a couple of months trying to work again, and I’ve really missed the meetings and the ladies. My day started out with me going out to Gwen’s to pick up the pumpkin spice muffins that she baked for me for the luncheon. Thank you so much, my sweetie!!! They were delicious, only wish you could have gone with me, you would have loved the day. Several asked about you. Then up to the Senior Center where the meetings are held. The room was buzzing with everyone decked out in holiday finery. Talking and visiting with each other.

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 001

Some of the ladies were busy back in the kitchen adding last touches to some scrumptious food.

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 002

Before we feasted, the business meeting was done and Show and Tell was presented. There are always lovely quilts to ooh and aah over.

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 003

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 005

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 006

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 007

The last one is representative of one of our main reasons for being—providing small quilts to the local neo-natal unit at the local hospital, and quilts to law enforcement in the area to comfort children, and sometimes adults, in times of trouble. It’s our Wee Care program.

Next up was the food. Oh my goodness, what food. There were 3 tables lined up and filled. This is what my plate looked like—a grand variety of yumminess. It was all so delicious. And I was stuffed.

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014 008

Afterward, we played Quilter’s Bingo. I had almost covered my card before I got bingo. We didn’t have separate games, just one continuous one, lol. Some of the ladies won fabric quarters and some won the poinsettias that were in our table centerpieces. I won one of the poinsettias.

Guild Christmas Luncheon 12-15-2014It is so pretty sitting in my living room!!!

Fabric and String

I sewed about 3 hours this afternoon, and only have about a million more hours to go. Yikes!!! I’m not going to go in to Thrifts and Gifts this week and get this done. Christmas is only 10 days away. YIKES!!! It will get done. I did a few rows of crochet tonight while watching/listening to the Saints / Bears game. That was a blowout. The Saints won 31 to 15. That doesn’t help the Panthers, but the Lions play the Bears on Sunday. So that looks good for the Lions. Opps, mixing my categories here.

Has anyone else out there discovered It’s a site that has information (some of it for sale) on an unlimited variety of items. Some of it is free and the priced items seem to go more in depth than a lot of YouTube videos. The CEO, Justin Kitch, posts a Curio of the Day everyday. It’s usually just a snippet of info that you might otherwise not ever hear of. Today’s curio was interesting to me:

A curious fact for December 15, 2014 from Justin Kitch, Curious CEO
The Turks are going nuts for an eco-city. Turkey–the world’s third largest producer of pistachios–generates thousands of tons of leftover nutshells every year. Tired of watching the shells pile up in landfills, the nut-loving Turks want them to fuel a new eco-city. It will house up to 200,000 people and be located in the Gaziantep Province, which produces over half of Turkey’s pistachios. The shells will ferment in machines called digesters, which produce bio-gas from organic material. The resulting bio-gas, mostly methane, should generate 60% of the the new city’s energy. This is Turkey’s first attempt at building an eco-city, and will be the only one in the world fueled by pistachios. It doesn’t sound nuts to me at all.

I am all for anyway that we can reduce landfills and supply energy in a more responsible fashion. My kids know how much I recycle. Even though there’s only me in the household, I usually have only one or two bags of trash a month. I buy wisely (low packaging) and recycle EVERYTHING that I can. Anyway, check out Curious and learn something new.

That’s it for me for today. Heading to bed soon, to sew in the morning light, lol. Take care all, good night. Talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

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Game Day December 14, 2014

Hiya fans!!! LOL!!! Yep, it’s been a football day today.

Sports Blitz

The Panthers and the Lions both won today. Yaaa Hooooo!!!!!! The Panthers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the second time this season. And Derek Anderson led the way for the second time this season against them. I had my breath taken away earlier this week when Cam Newton was in a car accident. He fractured two vertebrae in his spine, but is doing ok, so it seems. He was on the sidelines cheering his teammates on. The game was close, back and forth all afternoon long. The final score was close, 17 to 19. They won, but it wasn’t a pretty win, by any means. The defense played well and the offense held the ball for more time than the Bucs—37:31 minutes to 22:29. The Panthers had more yards—390 to 287, and gathered twice the first downs—28 to 14. Derek is a good quarterback, but was a bit jittery at the first of the game, while the Bucs scored on their first possession. But the final score is what counts. And they won!!!

The Lions had a close game too. They were down 14 to 0 and came back to score 16 unanswered points for the win. The Vikings even had more first downs—21 to 11, more yardage—360 to 233, and more time of possession—34:43 to 25:17. But like I said, the end score is what counts, and the Lions held on, barely, for the victory. Blair Walsh missed three field goals for the Vikings, making the difference in the game. If only one of those attempts had made it, the Vikings would have won. However, the Lions held on and are tied with the Packers for first place in the NFC North. Please let them play better from here on out; they lucked out with this one today.

Fabric and String

I wasn’t idle while the games were on. Oh no, I was doing hand work on Christmas gifts and even managed to do a few rows of crocheting before my hands began cramping. Will do more sewing in just a little while, just want to see a few plays between the Cowboys and the Eagles. Still got lots to do.

That’s basically been my day today. Got up early, but dozed in the recliner a while because I didn’t get to sleep until around 3 AM. The alarm woke me up at 8, but I didn’t really get going until around 11. I did a bit of work in the living room. Got to get some things straightened up, inspection on the 2nd. So I’m gonna be busy, busy, busy for the next couple weeks. But I’ll be popping in to say hi. So for tonight, it’s off to sew some more. Hope everyone has a good night, and a nice Monday. Talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

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Lucky Me!!! December 13, 2014

Hiya!!! Yep, I won another giveaway!!! It was from Little Bunny Quilts blog on Sew Mama Sew‘s Giveaway Day. They had 10 winners for a choice of one of their patterns here on Craftsy. I won’t tell you which pattern I chose, but some of you may be able to guess. My first love was the Starbursts pattern, but I didn’t get that one. I probably will in the near future though. Alison and Amanda have some lovely patterns on there, including a few free ones. I was really surprised to win in this giveaway, because I only entered at a few blogs. Just didn’t have the time to visit too many of them. That is my joy for today too, a new pattern from lovely designers. Thanks, Alison and Amanda!!!

Fabric and String

Well, I could have included the win here too, lol. Did a bit of sewing today (for a change). I plan to do a lot next week, starting tomorrow. Not sure how much time I’ll be at Thrifts and Gifts next week—gotta sew!!! It will be my “give it my all” week. Don’t wanna spend all night Christmas Eve sewing, although it is my habit to be doing something gift related then—making, wrapping, or whatever needs to be done to finish up. I’ll even be doing some hand stitching tomorrow while the game is on. GONNA GET IT ALL DONE!!!

Friday was a busy day at Thrifts and Gifts. We had a lot of sales. The crowds love our half price days!!! Hope their day was as good today. I only worked from 10 to 3 yesterday, but was tired when I got home. Laid down a while before getting anything done. And slept good last night too, lol. I like it when we’re busy at the store. I like seeing the people and meeting new people.

Well, gonna go read a little bit, and then to bed. Have a great night and a nice Sunday all. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

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Gotta get some rest tonight December 11, 2014

Hiya!!! I’ve had a good day today, and gotta get to bed soon. It’s gonna be a busy day tomorrow at Thrifts and Gifts. Half Price Sale!!! My joy today was a wonderful lunch provided by Merri and the ladies at Burke Hospice and Palliative Care. They fixed topped baked potatoes, croissant sandwiches, and salad for the volunteers. And scrumptious cakes for dessert. Yummy!!! Along with a little treat box for each volunteer. I work with some amazing people.

Gotta call Dr. Theo’s office in the morning about the estrogen cream. It hasn’t been called into the pharmacy yet, and I wonder if they got the right town to send it to. My pharmacy is in lil ole Valdese, and Asheville is a ways away. So there is probably just some confusion.

Well, I’m gonna watch a few minutes of the ball game, and head to bed early tonight. Hope everyone has a great night, and I’ll talk to ya tomorrow. Hope to get a bit of sewing done while it’s light tomorrow. Take care all. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

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Ups and Downs December 10, 2014

Hiya all!!! Yep, I missed a couple of days. But I’m still here!!! Monday night I got involved in my library book, and just had to finish it. So that’s two Harlan Coben books I’ve read in a row. He has such a way with the plot lines. You never know until the end just who is directly involved. They’re hard books to put down. So it was late when I came up for bed, and that’s just what I did—went to bed, lol. Last night I was really down. Took some things out to Gwen’s and she said it was just that time of year. I think that’s part of it, but not all. Just fretting over a few things.

Wished my Mama a Happy Birthday this morning. She would have been 81 today. I miss her so much, and always will. But death is just a part of life. Not a part that we ever get comfortable with, but one that we have to endure. And life does go on. The circle continues.

Fabric and String

Took Sput’s overalls back up to him this afternoon, and the “stockings” for Barbara. Her stockings are about the size of Santa bags, lol. And she does a wonderful job of filling them up.

Got started—really started—on the Christmas gifts yesterday. And they’re not turning out as I had pictured in my mind. I love my machine, and it’s a great machine. But it isn’t made for quilting. I have a walking foot, but it doesn’t fit my machine, and I’m not sure where to look for feet for it. I will have to do some more research on the web, and see what I can find. I am going to finish the gifts however, just not sure how they’ll end up.

Health Issues

I saw Dr. Theo again today. He has prescribed estrogen cream to hopefully adjust the bacteria that have been causing my UTIs. And I may need to do a long-term, low dose antibiotic. As in 3 months long. Oh well, it’s just one more pill. It’s not like it would be the only one. We also talked about a device called the InterStim System. It’s an implanted device that he described as “a pacemaker for the bladder.” It uses a wireless controller and isn’t permanent. It can be turned off or even removed after the bladder is retrained. I’m seriously thinking about it. Urine incontinence isn’t fun. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. You worry about the smell, accidents, and just about time spent away from a restroom. It can be confining. And I’ve dealt with it for many years. I would love to be able to forget about it for a while.  Meanwhile, I’ll finish up this round of antibiotics and have another urinalysis done to see how the UTI is. That’ll be next week.

Dr. Theo’s office is in Asheville NC, about 70 miles up the mountain from home. It was windy, cold (39 when I got there at 1 PM), and I saw some snow showers and snow on some peaks coming back down the mountain. Just no good places to stop and take pics on I-40. But it was a good day for a road trip.

Crafty Things

I wasn’t idle while the Panthers game was on on Sunday. I was busy cutting out gift tags. I saw this on another blog, and I’m sorry but I don’t remember which one. You use the larger size paint chip cards and simple Christmas templates. They turned out rather well, if I do say so myself, lol.

Paint Chip Gift Tags 001

Paint Chip Gift Tags 002

Paint Chip Gift Tags 003

Paint Chip Gift Tags 004

Paint Chip Gift Tags 005

All I need to do is punch a hole and add ribbon, and they’ll be ready to address and apply!!!

I’ll be back at Thrifts and Gifts tomorrow afternoon. We’ll be having another 50% off sale on Friday and Saturday, so I’ll be there at least Friday from 10 to 3. We’ll see how it goes before I decide on Saturday. T & G will be open Friday from 10 until 8 PM, late hours for the store. Come by if you’re in the area and find some deals.

That’s it for me tonight. Gotta go check my vitals and take my meds and Lantus. Then it off to dreamland for me. Hope everyone has a great night, talk to ya tomorrow. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

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