Stormy Weather 7-27-2014

Hiya all!!! Hope I can get this post done before the power goes out. It’s a stormy evening here in western North Carolina, and it’s been stormy over a lot of the country today. We’ve got thunder and lightning, and have been under a tornado watch since about 6 pm. I’m heading to bed soon, lol.

It’s been a busy week for me. Had a job testing and interview on Tuesday. The human resources guy that I talked to said he’d let me know something on Wednesday; haven’t heard from him since. I absolutely HATE that. Just come out and tell me no, rather than lie about contacting me. I can take the rejection, just not the LIES!!!

Anyway, went to Job Club at VR on Wednesday, and had a doctor appointment Thursday morning. Nothing serious, just a recheck. Applied at a local hotel for a desk clerk position on Friday, hope to hear from them this week.

Barbara and Sput are off into the wild mid-west this week and next. They’re going to Sturgis!!! They are riding the Harley out there for some fun after returning from Haiti. The mission group had a rough trip this time, with one member having some leg issues and a lot of the members catching a stomach bug after they got there. The gentleman with the leg problems is back and in the hospital trying to find out what is going on there. The other sick members seem to be ok now, thank goodness. They’re already planning for their next trip, I think it’s in December. That would be their third trip this year. I’ve got to start working on dresses and stuffed animals and dolls!!!

I can’t wait until Thursday!!! Gwen and I are going with the quilter’s guild group to the AQS (American Quilter’s Society) show in Charlotte. IT’S QUILT WEEK. Am so looking forward to this day trip and having some quality time with one of my girls. Hope to have lots of pics next week.

Well, gonna get off here and go cuddle with my pups before we head to bed. Be safe, and have a great week, blessed be, hugs!!!


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Fabric and String 7-27-2014

HIya all!!! Well, got one of the tree skirt tops done, and the other one is over half done. Was busy with stuff all week, so I didn’t get to sew until yesterday. But then I only fixed a pair of jeans for Barbara, and finished up the first top. It was HOT in the sewing room. That room faces south, and this time of year gets rather warm in there. So this morning I worked on the second top. Here’s pics of the first one.

Christmas Skirt Wedge 1 001  Christmas Skirt Wedge 1 003 Christmas Skirt Wedge 1 004

It’s a neat, creative process to do with a wedge ruler. The pattern came from the book Quilts Without Corners. I now have to have this book. Will be looking for it at the AQS show this Thursday.

Didn’t do any crocheting this week, but have been working on the hexies. Starting to get a little baggie of them done. Wanna get a whole bunch of them done before I start putting the flowers together.

That’s about it for now. Happy sewing, hooking, or whatever makes ya happy. Blessed be, hugs!!!

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Health Issues 7-20-2014

Well, I’m on a new med—Strattera. I didn’t want to add any more meds, just adjust some. But my psyche doctor said we’d try this. I go back in 4 weeks, so I’ll give it a go.

Got sick Thursday night. Spent most of the night in the bathroom. About 7 Friday morning had a band of pain around my lower chest area. When I got up around 10, my blood pressure was 75/45. I got in to see my PA that afternoon. I was worried about my heart, but he was more concerned about a possible ulcer or a pancreatic stone. They drew blood work for a CBC, metabolic panel, and a pancreatic panel. I go in for a regular recheck on Wednesday, so I’ll see then what, if anything, showed up.

Blood sugar is doing good—goes up when I eat, goes down overnight. So, overall I’m doing ok. Will post next week how the tests went, and hope everyone has a healthy wonderful week. Blessed be, hugs!!!

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Fabric and String 7-20-2014

Well, I finished a total of 21 dresses for Barbara and Sput to take with them to Haiti this time. Already have 19 more cut out to sew. Got some pics (they’re not the best pics in the world) of some of them.

Haiti Dresses 001 Haiti Dresses 002 Haiti Dresses 003 July 2014 dresses 002 July 2014 dresses 003 July 2014 dresses 004

The one that Barbara is holding up, that looks white, was an all-over print, little red hearts on white. They turned out so cute. There were multiples of most of them. I hope to have some pics of the little girls who receive them after Barbara gets back. She takes tons of pictures while they are there.

Had a class at the quilter’s guild last Monday. It was for a Christmas tree skirt done with a nine or ten degree wedge ruler. I’ve got two cut out,and one of the tops almost done. Hope to get them done for the next Show’n’Tell day a week from tomorrow. Hope to get some pics after I get the tops done.

Been crocheting a bit on Julien’s blanket. Got another panel done and the next one started. May only need one more after this one is done. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can at least see an end to it coming up soon. Would be nice to finish it before cool weather gets here again.

Oh yes, I’ve started on some hexies for a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. That may be a ways down the road, but at least I’ve started.

That’s about it for now. Keep on sewing, hooking or whatever it is that you do. Blessed be, hugs!!!

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Happy Happy Summer!!! 7-20-2014

Hiya all!!! Yep, I made it back, only skipped one week, hehehe. That’s good for me!!!


Not too much happening. I’m at Vocational Rehabilitation now. Got 11 hours in last week out of a possible 15. First day had to sign some paperwork, and didn’t punch in until that was done. Thursday was class day and we don’t get paid for that, and Friday was out sick. Will cover that more in Health Issues. And I’m only getting paid $3.00 an hour right now. This isn’t exactly a job. It’s an evaluation work program. Hopefully I’ll get a time study done soon, and will then be making a bit more. My main objective is job placement. FIND ME A DECENT PART-TIME JOB!!!


Barbara and Sput are in Haiti. They left Thursday morning, and will get back next Thursday. I went up to their place today to cut out some fabric. And I really goofed up. Barbara has some wine glasses hanging down over the bar where I do my cutting at. I was working at the end of the bar and raised my head and caught one of the glasses—SMASH—to the floor it went. I’M SOOOOOO SORRY SISSY!!! She may ban me from the bar now. (Hope not!!!)


Anyway, the mutt-puppies and I are doing ok, just not a lot of news. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, don’t work too hard, and enjoy the summer!!! Blessed be, hugs!!!

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